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Reaching New Vendors

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The Challenge

A common problem with state technology procurements is that they tend to attract a small number of large, incumbent vendors that habitually bid on state IT projects. The procurement process is often viewed as burdensome and costly, and there can be few incentives for new or smaller firms to bid on state work. This can make it more challenging for states to receive competitive bids, and limits the state’s flexibility in identify industry partners that understand agile software development and building effective user-focused digital services.

How We’re Helping

We worked directly with the State of Mississippi to create an agile vendor pool, comprised of firms skilled in agile software development and user research. This allows the state to include more vendors in their procurement process, which can help encourage more competitive bids and help the state more readily identify firms that have competencies in the kinds of skills that result in good software. This also benefits vendors — smaller contracts means more small businesses can compete and deliver work, resulting in a larger and more diverse pool of vendors winning contracts and helping the state.

Tools We’re Using

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