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Modernizing Access to Healthcare

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The Challenge

The State of Alaska is currently undertaking a project to modernize it’s existing public benefit eligibility systems to take advantage of modern technology platforms and deliver better value to the Alaskan public. While these systems have performed well in the past, they’re built on outdated technology and making modifications in response to federal or state policy changes can be difficult and time consuming. Modernizing these systems will allow the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to deliver better service to Alaskans in need and to be more responsive to policy makers in both Juneau and Washington.

How We’re Helping

Building on the work we’re doing with other states, 18F is helping introduce modular contracting, agile software development, DevOps, and user-centered design to the State of Alaska’s system modernization project. We’re also helping Alaska identify vendors that have deep competencies in these practices to partner with the state on this important project. The project is still in it’s early stages, but it has already helped the state identify a new pool of vendors that are skilled in modular contracting and agile delivery. This project has the potential to change not only the way that the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services approaches legacy system modernization, but to have impact statewide as well.

Tools We’re Using

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